Essential Oil – Patchouli




Name : Patchouli
Method : Steam distillation
Note Classification : Base
Scent : Powerful, warm, spicy, earthy odour. A tenacious scent
Colour : Amber, dark orange
Species : Pogostemon cablin. Family Lamiaceae ( Labiatae )
Extracted From : Dried leaves (after some fermentation)
Region : Indonesia.
By-products : Resinoid also produced, as a fixative
Historical : The oil has been used in the East for a long time to scent clothes and linen. It was believed to prevent the spread of disease. Also used in China, Japan and Malaysia to treat colds, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain.
Of Interest : Popular in Victorian England due to imported cashmere shawls from India reeking of patchouli. Used to scent Indian ink. Used a lot in the food industry. Masking agent for unpleasant smells.
Aromatherapy Properties: Acne, athelete’s foot, chapped and cracked skin, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema (weeping), fungal infections, hair care, impetigo, insect repellent, sores, oily hair and skin, open pores, wounds,wrinkles.

Frigidity, nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions.
Safety Data : Non-toxic, non-irritant.